Throwback Thursday : Dinosaur & Animal Photo Holders


Today I’m bringing back an old post from last spring. I originally posted this project on my old site Sunbutter & Jelly, and I wanted to get it back up on my blog to share with you! This is a super easy dollar store DIY. Using some spray paint and an x-acto, I turned these little plastic figures into photo / place card holders. I love the finished product, they add playfulness and humor to our decor!

Pick out the plastic animals of your choice.

Use an utility knife or x-acto to cut a slit in the top of the animal.

Be sure to cut deep enough to hold a card or pic, but don’t cut all the way through.

In a well ventilated and protected area, spray color of your choice.

Let dry, and then they’re ready to use!

You can even use them for place card holders. How cute would these be for a kids birthday party!?

Dinosaur Card Holder, via

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