Testing Out DIY Sharpie Mugs


The Sharpie mug DIYs have been done several times, and I always see them and love the idea, but don’t believe they actually hold up. So I put them to the test!

DIY Sharpie Mugs Tested, via The Gold Jellybean

I picked up some inexpensive mugs & bowls, and some Sharpie permanent markers. I grabbed the typical black, a couple metallics, and a pack of silver & gold oil based markers.

I doodled away, popped them all in the oven at 350 for 30 min, let them cool fully, then soaped up a sponge and got to washing. Here are the results….

Typical black marker: Fail

DIY Sharpie Mugs Tested, via The Gold Jellybean

Mix of typical black and metallic: No good

DIY Sharpie Mugs Tested, via The Gold Jellybean

Oil based metallics: ding ding!

DIY Sharpie Mugs Tested, via The Gold Jellybean

We have a winner!

DIY Sharpie Mugs Tested, via The Gold Jellybean

One little tip, if you’re nervous to try this out because you might make a mistake… have no fear! Just put a little rubbing alcohol on a cloth and wipe away your booboos. As long as you fix it before baking, it’s all good! I found this to work for both the regular and oil based sharpies.

DIY Sharpie Mugs Tested, via The Gold Jellybean

** I would never recommend using the markers on any surface that will come in contact with food or your mouth. I was sure to keep my designs away from the lip of my mugs, and I highly suggest you do the same!
** With washing I thoroughly scrubbed my mugs, but was sure to be more on the gentle side when washing over top of my designs.

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38 thoughts on “Testing Out DIY Sharpie Mugs

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  3. Has anyone ever tried doing the oil based sharpies on stoneware coffee mugs.. I know a bit more expensive but I love stoneware and I wait for sales. Never tried doing this with the mugs.

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  6. Hello,
    Has anyone tried microwaving the silver-colored metallic Sharpie on a mug?

    I’ve been using the Sharpie oil pens on mugs and they’ve worked great.
    I would like to try using the silver metallic color.., but I’m a little afraid and wasn’t sure if it can be microwaved?
    Has anyone tried the silver color and had the mug microwave safely?
    Thank you,


    «Can I use Sharpie markers for mark on ceramic dishware?

    ​​While Sharpie markers are AP-certified non-toxic, we do not recommend using them on areas of items that may come in contact with food or the mouth (such as the rim of a coffee cup). Sharpie markers are only recommended for use on ceramic or glassware when the product is being used for decorative or display purposes and not intended to come in contact with food or the mouth. If you intend to design a mug or a cupusing Sharpie markers and then use the mug or cup, any such designs must be at least one inch below the rim where a person’s lips could touch.»


  8. I made a mug with a blue oil based Sharpie and baked it @ 425 for 45 minutes. I was surprised when I removed the mug and the blue had turned gold. Has anyone else had this same problem?

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  10. Great idea!
    Has anyone tried microwaving the metallic sharpie mugs? I wouldn’t think there’d be a problem but if someone has already tried it I’d love you learn from your experience

  11. Does anyone know if the oil based ones can hold up in the dishwasher? I know that if I create these for people they’ll put them into the dishwasher. Thanks.

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  13. Thank you for this post. I linked to you (and posted a photo) in a recent post with a Sharpie project to let everyone know about the comparison. Everyone needs to know about these markers!

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  15. Hello. I just made a Sharpie mug for my boyfriend for Christmas, and the most common problem I see from everyone who has had a fail is that you don’t bake it at a high enough temperature. I baked mine at 425 degrees and it has been used for a week and a half, every single day, getting washed every single day and has not worn off. Also, I wear long sleeves when I do this so I know I’m not accidentally touching my area I cleaned with the alcohol. I also made sure the alcohol does not have a moisturizer in it, because that will make it not stick as well. Also, black is the best way to go because, colored Sharpies will fade into a different color once baked.

    If you would like to try again, go ahead. Because it has not faded at all. At least not yet. If it does, I’ll just re-do it. Another alternative to try is porcelain markers. They’re specifically made for porcelain cups like coffee mugs. I’ve personally never tried this, but they could work better.

    • So sorry to hear it didn’t come off! Was the mug you used already glazed? I used mugs that had a glossy finish, and I have some friends that gave this a try using mugs with a similar finish. I’m thinking that may have been the issue??

    • So sorry to ruin all the fun, but even tho sharpies are non toxic, its kinda bad to go and lick pen ink its like going and licking a picture that you drew with a sharpie :l

  16. I found that the sharpie paint pens were great….except for the black paint pen. One mug had gold and black… the other pink and black. In both cases the black came off and the pink and gold were fine ! Has anyone else had this problem and why ? I baked the mugs @ 400 for 30 min.

    • Hey,if u have used gold sharpies..did the color change after baking??? And if it remained would u please tell me the temperature and time 🙂

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    • Yes I was also about to go ahead and buy the porcelain paint. I think I still will, as I’d really like to do some plates. But the oil based metallic sharpies work well enough for mugs!

      Thanks for checking out my blog, I love yours!

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