Cinnamon & Glitter : Making Christmas Ornaments

Cinnamon and Glitter Ornaments, via


I love the smell of cinnamon and applesauce ornaments at Christmas time. And a like a little sparkle. So why not put the two togehter?!

Cinnamon and Glitter Ornaments, via

I found several basic ornament recipes online, and I suggest you with which ever one you prefer. Some call for cinnamon, applesauce, and all spice, while other add white craft glue to the mix. One thing I will recommend is purchasing ingredients at the dollar store. A cup of cinnamon from the grocery store doesn’t come cheap…

Cinnamon and Glitter Ornaments, via

Then embellish away! Sydney and I opted for puff paints and glitter. I worked the paint, and she worked the sparkle.

Cinnamon and Glitter Ornaments, via

I also snuck a few mini pearls in there…


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