Snowy Scenes Apothecary Jars


I recently started decorating our buffet, which acts as my mantel since we don’t have a fireplace, and I am excited to add my snowy scene apothecary jars to it! They have a pretty vintage feel, and are super easy and inexpensive to make. I picked up the trees and street lamps from the dollar store, and the fake snow was a couple bucks at the craft store. The apothecary jars are from Home Goods, and were a great deal.

Use the jar lids as a template to cut out card board circles. These will be the base for you to attach all of your trees and accessories.

Now glue all the little accessories onto the cardboard base.

Place the base in your jar, and spoon in the fake snow.

Viola! Now enjoy your magical snowy scenes. Happy decorating!

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