DIY Snowflake Window Clings (plus tips and the best method)


We have been working on making snow flake window clings for about 4 days now, and finally put them up yesterday. Perfect timing since we had our first snow of the season last night! As soon as we noticed the wintry scene outside, my husband and I ran to Sydney’s room to wake her up. We found her already sitting in her window, watching with excitement. It was so sweet!

Anyways, on to the snow flakes! I tried three different methods for making the window clings. For all three I used white and silver puff paints.

For the first method I made my snow flakes on wax paper. This didn’t work so well, as some of the paper stuck to the dry puff paint. Next, I tried clear acetate thinking the slick surface and sturdy material would be perfect for the job. Not so much… it was very difficult to get the dry snow flakes off, and they kept breaking. Lastly, I went for the cling wrap. Perfection! If you plan to make these at home, cling wrap is the way to go!

Tips: Don’t go too delicate, if your snow flakes are really thin they may break. I also created patterns for each shape and put it under the cling wrap. You can click and print the file below to use as a guide. Then just use your puff paint to trace the shapes!

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26 thoughts on “DIY Snowflake Window Clings (plus tips and the best method)

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  2. Put a small layer of Vaseline on the wax or clear paper before applying the puffy paint, the window clings will peel off easily once dried.

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