Guest Post : Flea Market Shopping Guide


Good Afternoon! Today I bring you a guest post with some great pointers for flea market shopping, my favorite pastime! The folks over at Urbanara offer up some great tips for finding the perfect pieces for your home. Enjoy and happy shopping!

Here are a couple recent treasures I scooped up:

Aren’t they stunning? I spotted them, and instantly fell in love!

Flea Market Shopping Guide:
(guest post courtesy of Urbanara)

Here at URBANARA, tucked away in Mitte, Berlin, we are surrounded by a great range of flea markets selling the best in vintage fashion, to beautiful homemade jewelry and beautiful antiques. Ranging from the mighty Mauerpark, to the host of Turkish markets that dot the city every Saturday and Sunday, Berlin is a flea marketers dream. Let URBANARA give you the best tips for making your Sunday morning trip to the market as fruitful and stress free as possible.

1. Early bird catches the worm: This might be quite obvious but always arrive early for the best deal and the most beautiful items. Flea markets are becoming a really popular and fashionable way to decorate your apartment so very often the first hours are the most valuable. Get down there early to catch the bargains and find the best buys of the day before someone else snatches them up!

2. Think outside the box: Find new uses for antique pieces. Furniture is probably the easiest to do this with. Use dressers as sideboards, a sofa for seating at a kitchen or dining table; your imagination is the limit. Its original finish can easily be transformed by some sand paper or a lick of paint or varnish so don’t be afraid to buy something that you love even if you have no use for it. Think outside the box and it will add a whole new fun dimension to your flea market experience.

3. Look in the cardboard boxes: It is often too easy to get dragged in by the well merchandised dealers with their neatly arranged and well organized stall fronts, and whose goods aren’t all grimy covered in cobwebs. Forget it. The true gems to be found are almost always in the cardboard boxes; covered in dust and in amongst the rubbish.  Last week me and my partner found a beautiful Bauhaus lamp at this little stall tucked away at the back of the market surrounded by, I’ve got to be honest, absolute rubbish. All it needed was some polish and a good clean and we got a classic collector’s item at a really honest price.

4. Don’t buy from mean people: If you think like me and you feel disgusted after prying something out from some grumpy old man’s hands after a long hard haggle, then always look for people with a smile on their face. While this not only improves the market experience, you often get a better price without the hard work. Often the best part of buying a new item is the experience you had buying it. You don’t want to be reminded of that grumpy old man who forced those extra cents out of you!

5. Top buy? Lighting: If you are going to look for one thing down at the market this weekend, Lighting is defiantly the best idea. Flea markets are often the best place to get that art deco table lamp to your room centerpiece chandelier. Often the plug is missing and perhaps some crystals have fallen off but they are easily replaced and you can often pick up damaged art deco and mid century classic designs like George Carwardine’s Anglepoise designs for a fraction of the high street price and with far more character. Look for those classics and lighting that might not be in the best condition as this will help you keep the price down and there is nothing a lick of paint and a screwdriver cannot fix.

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