Halloween Costume GIVEAWAY : enter to win a custom costume made just for your little one!


Good Morning! As I mentioned last week in my DIY Costume post,  I will be giving away a halloween costume this month. But not just any costume, it will be custom, one of a kind costume made just for you child!

(1. pig in a blanket, 2. sheep, 3. garden flower, 4. bat)

Here’s how it works:

Head over to thredup.com and find a piece of clothing that sparks a costume idea for you. Post the thredup link and your idea in the a comment section of this post. And that’s it. One lucky winner will be chosen on September 24th. If you win, I will execute your costume idea, and ship it out to you! And don’t worry, your costume will be shipped out at the beginning of October. So it will be there in plenty of time for Halloween!

You can refer to the images above as an example. They use some clothing basics, like black leggings, pink top and bottom, green pants, etc. Now head on over to thredup.com and get inspired! Good Luck!

*Due to shipping costs and time, I can only ship to the United States.

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34 thoughts on “Halloween Costume GIVEAWAY : enter to win a custom costume made just for your little one!

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    • I would just need a green long-sleeved shirt and matching pants. I could attach pieces of felt for spikes down his back and would make a tail to attach to the pants.

  3. As a family we are going as pirates, and dressing our infant (he will be 4 months old by Halloween) as a parrot! These would make great starters for the costume:

    Red hat- add a beak and eyes to the top to make it look like a parrot!

    Red turtleneck top – was thinking that different colors of felt cut to look like wings/feathers could be added to the back and arms.

    It would just need some red sweats, or red leggings to complete the parrot!

  4. http://www.thredup.com/items/253796-Bonnie-Jean-dresses-2T

    This would work perfect to make my two year old OLIVIA.. She watches it over and over throughout the day. I would get a pink long sleeve shirt and light pink leggings. I would make a headband with felt pink piggy ears adding red bows to each ear. I would add a tiara, as this would be Olivia’s fame look. Maybe even a pink felt piggy nose.
    of course at home we would paint her face pink and add some sparkles.

    Idea of costume.

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