Hawaiian White Sangria


Happy Monday! We have been enjoying our last days of vacation spending as much time as possible with our family and friends out here. In fact, we had a nice bbq last night, feasting on local food and sipping sangria. We came up with our own concoction, and aptly called it Hawaiian White Sangria. It was super yummy, and so I had to share the recipe!

First, we cut up all sorts of fruits, and put them in a bowl with some water and fresh squeezed lime so they wouldn’t brown. We used apples, nectarines, limes, pears, and even some starfruit we were lucky enough to pick from the backyard!

Next, we got a pitcher and combined all the alcohol and juice:
2 bottles pinot grigio, or other white wine
1/3 bottle coconut rum
1/3 bottle light rum
pineapple juice, 1/2c + (to taste)
splash of soda, ie sprite or similar
drizzle of honey

Mix well and chill. When ready to serve put some ice and fruits in each glass, pour the sangria over top, and enjoy!

Adding the fruits to each glass before serving allows you to enjoy the fruit without it getting soggy as the night goes on!


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