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Good morning! Today I wanted to share the latest addition to Sydney’s room. I finally got some artwork up on her last bare wall. For under $25 bucks we were able to create a colorful collage above the sofa in her room.

We picked up a bunch of inexpensive frames from Ikea. They are super light weight and easy to hang, plus you can paint them any color you’d like. We stuck with white.

Then I gathered several wallpaper samples and scraps I had in my craft drawer. I cut them all to size, and inserted them into frames.

When it comes to arranging a collage, I always work on the open floor space right below the wall I intend to hang the art on. But there are so many great ideas and tips out there to help you hang collages. You can cut paper to size and arrange them up on the wall with tape before creating any nail holes. Or here is a clever idea I found from Somewhat Simple. It includes putting toothpaste on the back of your frame in order to mark you nail holes on the wall. Clever!

Here is the final outcome! And if we ever get tired of this artwork, all we have to do is swap it out with more paper. You can used craft paper, wrapping paper, whatever you have on hand!

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6 thoughts on “DIY Art Collage

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  4. This is awesome! Can you give any insight into why you picked those pieces–was it color scheme? similar shapes? Thank you so much!!

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