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In my family, May is birthday month. There are five birthdays, plus mother’s day. So with all the gift wrapping I’ve been doing lately, I thought a diy gift wrap post would be very appropriate. I wrapped all these presents with items and supplies I already had on hand. Enjoy, and please share any ideas you’ve come up with. I always love seeing clever wrapping and packaging diys!

Here I made my own yarn pom pom topper, and the pretty coral tissue paper is from the Target dollar section:

This is simply one of those paper bags they put your wine bottles in at the grocery store. With the use of a hole punch and some string, it’s a cute little package:

I made this flower out of an old sweater and some black beads:

These cute blooms are made from old book pages and black beads:

This one is made from black yarn and gold beads:

And lastly I had to include this one. I talked about these fabric peonies in a previous post you can find here:


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6 thoughts on “Gift Wrapping Ideas

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  3. Gorgeous! My mom is a gift wrapping queen, and she’s always taught me that the presentation of the gift is just as important as the gift itself. It makes it so much more fun and exciting! And since my husband groans every time I want to buy wrapping materials, the fact that you made these gifts so beautiful from materials you already have is pure GENIUS! Coming from a family of book nerds, I so appreciate the flowers made from old book pages. So cute! Can’t wait to show my mom. 🙂

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