DIY Homemade Salt & Sugar Scrub Gift


Good Morning! I hope you had a great long weekend. We enjoyed relaxing, and enough sun to last us the rest of the week. But now it’s back to reality and getting things done. While I get caught up, I wanted to share some of the sugar scrubs I made for birthday and Mother’s Day gifts this past month.

I found various recipes online, and used them as a guide to make my own. For a basic version I started by filling a jar with white sugar and sea salt.

Then using a small spoon, I stirred in some almond oil. I decided to use almond oil since it doesn’t have a strong scent. You can use coconut oil, or even olive oil. Add a little at a time, and keep mixing it until you get your desired consistency.

My finished scrub looked like this:


Now it’s time to make the jars pretty. I printed out custom labels, and added decorative string, tags, and flowers.

I also made a second variation of the salt and sugar scrub. Sydney is allergic to almonds, so I made an olive oil version to keep next to my own kitchen sink. I repeated the same steps as above, but this time added some fancy white sugar that was infused with vanilla and lavender. It helped mask the olive oil scent. You can use an infused sugar like I did, or a few drops of essential oils.

No more dry, dishwasher hands for me!


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