Tuesday Tips DIY : Take Corduroy Pants from Fall to Spring


Today’s tip is a diy project that was born from a recent ‘oh crap’ moment. Last week I was running around doing too many things at once, as usual. So when I decided to clean the showers between gymnastics class and a grocery store run, I ended up with a bleach spot on my favorite cords. Ugh! The good news is that I was able to save them! I have been hunting for a great pair of pastel pants, a look that has been popping up all over pinterest this spring. And that little bleach spot looked like just the right color!

I drew a nice hot bath with bleach in the kitchen sink, and let my pants soak until they were just the right shade, about 45 min. Washed them a couple times, and they were ready to wear. The original bleach spot is still there, but barely visible. It’s just a touch lighter than the rest of the pants. Now they’re saved from the trash bin, and I can wear them all spring!

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6 thoughts on “Tuesday Tips DIY : Take Corduroy Pants from Fall to Spring

  1. That is flippin’ awesome! I have a few pairs of pants that I’m not loving the color on anymore, maybe I can try this. If it doesn’t work, oh well, I’m not using them as they are anyway. They may make it back into rotation.

    • That was my exact rational to trying it! I think the key was to get the sink filled with hot water and bleach, and then make sure to submerge the garment as quickly as possible to get even color fading. Good luck, and I’d love to see / hear how it goes!

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