Spring Floral Crown


Sydney loves playing dress-up, and a crown is a must. So yesterday we made a new flower crown for spring. She can’t get enough of it! It may just have to be part of her Easter outfit this year.

We started out making a circle out of wire, as the base for the crown. (I made it just a tad big for her head, once everything gets added it’ll be a little smaller.) Then I wrapped it in a thick yarn to make it soft and cushy. Next was the fun part, adding some dollar store flowers Sydney picked out herself. First I attached the yellow filler flower, it looks like little yellow balls, using needle and thread. I did this to create a good secure base. Then we broke out the hot glue gun, and went crazy with the rest of the flowers. So easy and inexpensive to do! Now, I think I need to head back to the store so I can make one for myself, and I could really use a big fluffy tutu…. of course, just to make syd happy….

Today’s mission is to add some fun to a beautiful old basket we picked up for Sydney’s Easter this year. And we have more Easter fun to post as well, so stay tuned!

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