DIY Bird Mobile


We spent this morning jumping in puddles and trying to get the dogs to enjoy a wet version of their morning walk. This means it’s time to put on our creative caps and have a fun day indoors!

While we do that, I wanted to share the bird mobile we made when Sydney was born. I used this pattern I found online. At the time I didn’t have a sewing machine, so I actually did it all by hand… if I did it all again, I would use a sewing machine to save time! Then, when it came time to hang them, we took a different approach. We saw pictures of the bird mobile with birds perched up on branches / sticks like this one here. However, we wanted the overall mobile to feel lighter, and more interesting to look at from below (after all that’s the most important view!). So, we ended up hanging the birds with fishing line from tiny eye hooks inserted into the ceiling. And the best part about this installation? Every time we put Syd down in her crib, we gave each bird a little tap and she could lay there and watch them ‘fly’ around above her.

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