Things I Loved This Week

  1. These tables from Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams are a great update to the popular tree stump side table, and they spark an idea for a great diy project (esp if you currently have a tree stump table)!
  2. I feel like I am always in need of ziploc baggies in my purse. This product is a great solution! No more leaking lipgloss, or having to stash a used wet wipe in the fabric pocket in my purse.
  3. I can’t wait to sit and make up stories with Sydney and this book of art designed by Tupera Tupera.
  4. These masks are fun for dress up and make believe, plus they’d look great hanging on the wall. My favorite combination of pretty and useful! The bunny mask would be the perfect for an Easter basket.
  5. We have been reading this book almost every night this week, and of course putting on some awesome light shows!
  6. Sydney can’t get enough of these shadow puppets she got from her Auntie Kayla! Perfect for making up bedtime stories, and putting on a show.



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