DIY Painted Kilim Rug

Recently I’ve seen a lot of chevron or zigzag painted rugs. It’s such a great idea I wanted to try it myself. Instead of a chevron, I went for the kilim look I love so much. It turned out great! Now, I may have to make a runner for my kitchen…

inexpensive tightly woven rug (I chose this one from Ikea)
flat paint in varying colors
painters tape
straight edge
utility knife
paint brush or foam brush

Some tips:
I strongly suggest measuring your rug and finding the center before starting. I also used a straight edge and measuring tape to ensure the design was symmetrical. Cutting guides or stencils out of paper is also useful. Just tape out your designs and paint. Lightly sand your finished rug to tone down the colors and give it a more worn-in look. Easy as that.

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28 thoughts on “DIY Painted Kilim Rug

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    • Sadly, it looks like they no longer carry that rug 🙁 but it was one of their flat woven ones, so this one might work just as well

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  15. Hi Shalea,

    what a great idea. We where looking for a new rug, when a I came across your DIY rug. We love it and we want to give it a shot to try it ourselves.

    My main question is: What kind of paint did you use? We are wondering because the paint didn’t run through, eventhoug the fabric is bumpy.

    I’m sorry, I don’t know how to explain it otherwise. I’m from the Netherlands and my English/American is not that good.

    • Hi Inez,
      So I used flat latex paint, I picked up three small sample sized jars at our local hardware store. While painting, I was sure to push the paint into the rug, to get it into all the crevices and between the bumps in the rug. It does have a worn look, like an old kilim rug, so the paint is not perfect. Using the sandpaper gives it an even more worn out look.

      I hope this helps and answers your question. If not, let me know and I can try to give you more information.

      Good luck with your rug!

  16. Thanks! I love them too, just couldn't find the right one. It ended up being an easy project, you just need tape and a little patience!

  17. Thanks! We are so happy to be back, it's such a great city. Thank goodness for travel, we love Chicago but are missing LA and could use a dose of the west coast soon!

  18. Welcome to blogging! And a lovely interview over on Design Mom…

    Happy to be back in Chi-town? We made the move in the opposite direction from Toronto to Vancouver late last summer. I love the vibe here and miss the edginess there! Luckily there is travel…

  19. an incredible transformation, i must say! well done! (im horrible at DIY's but this one seems like fun and useful)

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