DIY Horse Roundup

Our daughters room is still a work in progress, but this weekend we made some headway. We found 7 molded plastic horses at a local flea market and couldn’t pass them up! After getting them home and having a long debate on where they should go, we decided they would be most fun in a child’s room. They have been sitting around for awhile, and this weekend we finally cleaned them up, painted them, and installed them in their new home. We went back and forth on which bright color they should be, and finally decided why not spray them a metallic gold?! (which just so happens to be my current obsession). We used a paint made for plastics, and a couple large bolts in the wall to hold up each horse. The metallic paint catches the light beautifully and highlights all the pretty details on the horses.

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6 thoughts on “DIY Horse Roundup

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  2. I love gold and I am in love with this idea! BTW where did you get that chair by the crib? Besides the stool, have you re-upholstered anything else?

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