Promoting Creativity


It can be hard for a two year old to remain patient while plastic and newspapers are taped to the dining room table in preparation for a painting session. Or while supplies are gathered for the afternoon craft. So I decided my daughter needed a creative space of her own. A place where she can sit down and have craft options ready to go. No preparation required. So now she has her own desk set up in our living room / dining room. And if I need to get a little work done at my desk during the day, she can do the same. Continue reading

Sydney the photographer

Sydney has a new found love for cameras and photography. Today I loaned her the old point and shoot. Here is what she came up with:

‘taking a closer look’
Cannon PowerShot SD900
Oct. 10th 2011
Age: 2yrs

(from right to left: halloweeny, found under a stool, once upon a fuzz)
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