How to Make Borax Crystal Snowballs


These borax crystal snowballs are a fun and festive science experiment, plus they make for beautiful decorations and gift toppers. To make the snowballs you need white craft pom poms in various sizes. Tie one or two pom poms to a string.

Using a large mason jar, or some other large container, mix very hot water and borax. I used a ratio of about 9 tablespoons borax to 3 cups water. Wrap or tie your pom poms to a stick, pencil, or paintbrush, and submerge into the solution. Adjust the string and stick as necessary, making sure the pom poms are fully covered by the solution but not touching any of the jar sides or bottom. Put in a safe place, loosely covered if you’d like, and leave overnight.

Once your crystal snowballs have grown to the desired size, remove from the solution and let them dry for several hours. I hung ours in the shower and left them there for an entire day.

Once they’re all dry you can hang them on a tree and watch them sparkle, or use them to add some glitz to your wrapped gifts!

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