DIY Bowtie Pasta Garland


I am in full force holiday decorating mode over here, and I’m excited to finally put up some garland I made awhile back when Syd and I were working on bowtie pasta hair bows, artwork, and father’s day cards. It’s a super easy project, and even fun for the kids!

You need bowtie pasta, white glue, paint brush, string, and glitter.

First, brush the pasta with glue, giving it a nice thick coat.

Cover the pasta with glitter. Allow to dry, and repeat on the backside.

After your glittered bows have dried completely, simply tie them onto string or yarn.

Repeat with as many bows as you’d like, making sure to secure each one with a double knot.

We also made a red version. These were done the same way, with just one added step. We first dyed the bows red using food coloring and rubbing alcohol. You can find the tutorial for coloring pasta here.

Have fun and get creative with your colors and string. We enjoyed using a red and white striped string, and even mixed the solid red and red glittered bows.

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  21. I’m going to decorate our office this Christmas. Your idea is so so wonderful. But wonder how long does this last? We need it to last long for 20 days at least.

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