DIY Felt Coasters


After making several halloween costumes this month, I have a bunch of leftover felt scraps. The thrifty girl in me would hate to just toss it all, so I decided to put it to good use and make some felt coasters! This is a super simple craft, even the little kiddos can help out. Plus you can sit and do it while watching a movie.

All you need are scraps of felt, cut into strips (try and get the strips to all be the same width). Then a little fabric glue or hot glue, and some time.

Start by lining the inside of a felt strip with a bead of glue, then just roll. Keep doing this until you get your desired size, alternating colors.

You can make larger ones to use for hot pots and pans, and why not even place mats?

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13 thoughts on “DIY Felt Coasters

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  7. These are lovely! It looks like a rotary cutter and would cut the strips quite evenly–are they about half an inch wide? Does the Fabric Fusion hold up OK if it gets warm or wet? Do you just put a bead of glue every few inches, or more often than that? Sorry for the quantity of questions–I want to try to make some with my own felt scraps!

    • Thanks! I used hot glue, and put a bead about every few inches. They have gotten warm but I have not gotten them wet, or put really hot dishes on them yet. Mine are roughly half and inch wide, but not perfect so they vary slightly. I made them to be functional, and to use up my felt scraps, but didn’t think about them being super long term. They are working well for me for now. If you come up with any other ideas to make them more durable to last longer, please let me know! Good luck making them and let me know if you have anymore questions!

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