Mummy Candles


Yesterday I apparently lost my mind and thought it was Friday. I woke up confused this morning, and then realized that I had completely skipped Thursday, which is why I posted ‘Things I Loved This Week’ yesterday. Oh well, it happens to the best of us. Right?

So, now I can officially say Happy Friday everyone! And I share with you a super easy craft to get you in the halloween spirit. Mummy candles! All you need is gauze, googly eyes, led candles, and some glass jars.

Just wrap the glass jars with gauze, securing it with either glue or tape. Then glue on some googly eyes, and insert an led votive! Sydney loves these, and can’t get enough of them. The led votive makes them totally kid friendly.

I am also excited about all the great ideas for the DIY Halloween Costume Giveaway. The winner will be announced Monday!

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22 thoughts on “Mummy Candles

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  9. the led can will probably keep the jar from getting hot, but watch putting candles in jars and lighting them. My friend did this, the jar got too hot and exploded. It destroyed her bedroom and could have burned down the house.

    • Hi Valerie! You are absolutely right, I would not recommend putting regular candles in these jars. The led’s make these safe for kids, but they should always be monitored. Luckily the candles I bought stay nice and cool to the touch! Thanks for sharing your cautionary experience. Everyone should always remember to be careful with candles!

    • Thanks! It’s definitely a fun craft to do with the little ones, and you can even use clear plastic jars if you have any worries of little hands handling the glass ones!

  10. I love this craft!!!! It’s a fire-free decoration to leave unattended!!
    No worries!! Just spooky fun! Great idea for recycling food jars (soaking labels off of course, lol) And when done with the season, unwrap them and save the gauze, eyes, and flameless candles in your Halloween tote bin and recycle the glass! Reduces storage!! I’m a Green Freak 😀

    • Hi Jody,

      Thanks for stopping by my blog. I updated the post to include an image of the supplies, and put a little more detail in the directions. All you need to do is wrap some glass jars with gauze and either glue or tape in place. Then add a couple eyes, and slip in an led candle. It’s a simple craft, and you may even have all the supplies in your home.

      I hope this helps!


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