Wedding Card DIY


Good morning! As I mentioned Friday, we spent the weekend in Ohio for a friend’s wedding. Today I wanted to share a little tutorial I put together while making a card for the special occasion.

All you need is a blank card, some glitter, glue, a printer, string, and painters tape.

Start out by taping off a few stripes on the front of your card. I cut the tape to get different thicknesses.

Now, add glue to the exposed areas and use a brush to create a nice thick, even coat.

Add your glitter colors one by one. Then carefully remove the strips of tape.

While the glitter dries, head over to your computer to print out a special message. I printed the word ‘congrats’, putting each letter inside an upside-down a triangle.

To create a banner, I folded the paper in half, making a crease across the top edge of the triangles. Then I cut out each shape, folded them over my gold string, and glued into place.

Glue the finished banner to the front of your card.

Trim your string, and you’re done! Here is my finished card:


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