Creative Kids : Learning About Insects with Paint


Today we are having fun learning about bugs! Sydney has been very interested in insects lately, so I picked up a bunch of little critters at the store. I thought the toys could help cure her fear of bugs, and teach her how to identify some different kinds insects. Drawing pictures of each insect is a little advanced for her age, so I created a bug painting activity instead!

You just need a set of toy insects, paint brushes, flat white paint or primer, and a variety of acrylic paints.

First we painted all the insects with flat white, and let them dry.

Then we worked together with our white bugs, and used images we found online to identify each insect. Sydney had fun painting all the bugs, and the ladybug was her favorite.

Here are a few of her finished insects!

To protect the bugs I gave them a few coats of non-toxic shellac. This activity was fun, educational, and made her more comfortable with real bugs. Plus, she now has a set of toy  insects that she designed on her own!

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2 thoughts on “Creative Kids : Learning About Insects with Paint

  1. That is a great idea! I love that you painted them white first so that they would be a blank slate to decorate. It is a great way to educate by using the pictures you found online to show what the bugs look like before painting them.

    • Thanks! And thank you again for hosting the Artsy Play Wednesdays, it’s so fun to share and see what great ideas everyone else comes up with! Have a great weekend!!

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