Using an Iron to Remove Water Marks From Wood


Good morning! Today’s post is all thanks to my laziness yesterday and my sweet Sydney’s cup of water. After dinner last night, I waited far too long to pick up the placemats and wipe the table, and I had failed to notice Syd’s water spill while we ate. Long story short…. I ended up with a giant water mark on my favorite wood table! YIKES! I guess I’ve always wanted to try the iron method for removing water stains from wood…

So first thing this morning, I laid out a cotton pillow case, held my breath, and ironed away. And it worked!!!!




Note: This worked perfectly for me, but iron at your own risk! If you are going to give it a try, make sure the steam setting is OFF, only iron a little at a time, and lift the fabric often to check the wood. Good luck!

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3 thoughts on “Using an Iron to Remove Water Marks From Wood

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