Sock Octopus Craft for Kids


Good morning! If you’re having a raining day like we are, then I have just the craft for you. I saw the idea on pinterest and had to give it a try. It’s perfect for those lonely socks that just hangout in the laundry basket without a match!

All you need are socks, string, stuffing, felt, glue, and pipe cleaners (optional).

Start out by filling the the toe of your sock with stuffing to create your octopus’ head.

Next, tie off and secure the head with a string. Using felt, cutout circles for the eyes, and glue in place. Now cut the end of the sock, almost all the way up to the head, to make eight tentacles.

You can stop here if you’d like, but I decided it would be fun to take them a step further and make the legs bendable by adding pipe cleaners!

Just cut to size and glue a pipe cleaner to the underside of each tentacle. Then conceal the pipe cleaners by glueing the sock tentacles shut. Hot glue works best for this part.

And now you have an octopus with fun bendable legs!

Kids can have fun making a baby octopus from their own socks! Here is Syd making her own cute little friend.

I’m sharing this fun post here:
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63 thoughts on “Sock Octopus Craft for Kids

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  19. These octopus are looking so cute. Loved the idea of using some torn and old socks are convert it into something so beautiful and creative.

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