Origami Bookmark Tutorial


For the past week we’ve kept quite busy with family in town. It’s been a really fun week playing tourist, but today I took a much needed lazy day. I wanted to make something that didn’t require much thinking, so I spent the afternoon making origami bookmarks. They are super cute, easy to make, and a good way to use up some leftover scrap paper! Now, if I could just find some time to get a little reading done…

All you need is a ruler, something to cut with, and paper.


1. Cut a square of paper, you can make a  3″ or 4″ square.
2. Fold the paper in half, crease, and then unfold it.
3.  Make small creases in the upper left and lower right sides, as shown.
4. Now fold the square to make these two crease from step 3 meet.
5. Fold over all four exposed corners, wrapping them around the paper’s edges.
6. Unfold above corners, then refold three corners and tuck into the middle, as shown.

7. Locate the two points indicated with white circles in the image above.
8. Fold paper in half matching these two points from step 7.
9. Fold and tuck in the final corner to form a single pocket.
10. Done!

Happy reading!


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14 thoughts on “Origami Bookmark Tutorial

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  10. Thank you for this tutorial! I found this on Pinterest, but the link led somewhere else that had been reported as spam. Thankfully you had your website name stamped on the image and I was able to find you! Such a great tutorial. I made one to use in my Bullet Journal, and plan on using this as a craft in my after school program this fall. Many thanks!!

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