Jewelry DIY with Paint Dipped Coral and Gold Shells


I’ve had this DIY on my mind for quite awhile now, and finally got around to it last week. It all started when I saw, and fell in love with, these necklaces from Anthropologie. I immediately thought “I can make that!” I have had my shell collection stored away ever since we moved, and this was the perfect reason to sort through it. My collection is entirely made up of shells and coral my dad and I found over the years. So in the end all the necklaces I made have a special memory behind them!


I used nail polish to give the coral the paint dipped look of the inspiration necklace.

I was also inspired to transform the shells with a shiny coat of gold spray paint.

Then I used gold and other colored string to create necklaces.

Sydney even joined in on the fun! I assemble her necklace first, then let her paint away.

To finish off the necklaces you can either add a clasp to your string, or attach the coral or shell to a finished chain.

And that’s all there is to it!

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16 thoughts on “Jewelry DIY with Paint Dipped Coral and Gold Shells

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  7. So pretty and delicate and I love all of them! How did you make the holes for the shells to put the string through?

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