Sydney’s Alice in Wonderland Birthday Party


Happy Monday! I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. We had a blast celebrating Sydney’s third birthday with  friends and family in Wonderland! Sydney and I worked on decorations all last week, and everything came together nicely. To set up the party we brought an old dining set out onto the patio. Surrounded by paper lanterns and tons of flowers, this became the perfect setting for the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. And, she is super lucky her daddy braved the heat and dressed up so she could have Mad Hatter himself at her party!

Candy, tea cups, butterflies, and flowers with googly eyes made up the tea party centerpieces. Everyone really got a kick out of these.

We turned the backyard into the Queen of Hearts’ Royal Lawn, complete with a croquet set and flamingos! We also put a garden table out in the grass, decorated with roses painted red.

As a fun dessert and take away, I made chocolate rose pops. Some roses were red, some white, and some were partially ‘painted’ red. The rose pop stand is a floral ring wrapped in green yarn to resemble the hedges in the Queen’s Lawn.

To keep along with the tea party theme, we had lots of finger foods and pastries, both sweet and savory. I used some fun heart toothpicks from the dollar store, along with plain toothpicks adorned with homemade ‘eat me’ flags.

No party is complete without games! We had a ‘pin the grin on the cheshire cat’, along with a jar full of cards for party guests to guess how many cards were inside. Cash prizes had everyone playing!

And then, of course, a piñata filled with candy! It was hard to find an Alice in Wonderland themed piñata that didn’t cost a ton, but I finally hit the jackpot with this flamingo one from Hobby Lobby.

Lastly, the cake. I picked up a red velvet cake at our local grocery store (we love their super yummy cakes), and then I added some roses and red hearts. It was an easy way to create a Queen of Hearts birthday cake!

It was a fantastic party, one Sydney will surely remember!

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7 thoughts on “Sydney’s Alice in Wonderland Birthday Party

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  2. What a magical party! Your hard work really paid off. She will never forget it! And bravo to dad for playing the part of the mad hatter — he looks like a natural. 🙂

    • thanks, it was lots of work but we had lots of fun making everything!
      and daddy sure was a natural, hmmm…. maybe he should start dressing up and working kid parties 😉

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