DIY Stamped Business Cards


We had a wonderful weekend with family and celebrating my cousin’s graduation. Now, it’s back to the work week and being productive. To start things off this week, my business cards have finally arrived! I had been exploring different business card designs for awhile, and decided to go with a stamped card. Now I can make my own cards as I need them, and I can even use the stamps on packaging, notes and letters, and more. I am so excited, and wanted to share my stamps with you! You can order a stamp to use for almost any personalization project. I have even used mine to stamp my logo onto the front of my leather business card holder.

To create the cards, I used Adobe Illustrator to layout and design the stamps. You can either do this yourself, or hire a graphic designer. Then all you have to do is choose a stamp, and upload your designs for the stamp manufacturer. I ordered plain white business cards online, as well as water resistant ink pads. For a special touch, I got one ink pad in a metallic gold!


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