DIY Make Your Own Telescope, Kids Craft


Good Morning! I hope everyone had a great Father’s Day weekend and enjoyed some sunshine.

Today I am sharing a fun project Sydney and I worked on together. I am always trying to come with new ideas for toilet paper and paper towel rolls. Recently we made a fun telescope with removable slides! It’s actually quite easy to make.

You need a paper towel roll, or you could even use an old Pringles can or other large cylindrical container, paints, marker, xacto, and a sheet of acetate.

Use the cylinder as a template and draw a circle onto the sheet of acetate. Then add a rectangle to the top half of the circle to create the slide shape. This will work as a handle of sorts, and allow your child to pull the slides in and out of their telescope. Carefully cut out the shape.

Now time to have fun painting, the little ones can help out with this part! Paint the telescope and the scenery onto your slides. We used regular acrylic paints for our slides, and spray paint for the telescope body.

Using and xacto, cut a slit halfway through your telescope. This is where the slides will go.

Insert your slide, and you’re done. Time to play and let your imaginations run wild! Pretty easy, right?


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