DIY Anthropologie Inspired Floral Lamp Shade


Good afternoon! I am a little late posting today because I was having so much fun making this lamp shade for Sydney’s room. When we moved, some of our shades were damaged, and I have been meaning to revamp and fix them for the past year. Well, when I saw this adorable lampshade from Anthropologie, I was immediately inspired to create a similar look and finally fix one of the shades!  The flowers perfectly covered up cracks in the shade, and now it looks as good as new.

All it takes is some felt, scissors, needle & thread, yarn, and a hot glue gun. But, if sewing isn’t your thing, you can skip the needle and thread and just use glue.

I created several different flowers in various bright colors. For the fringe style flowers you just need to cut a strip of felt, fringe it on one edge, then roll it. Another variation is to fold your felt strip in half lengthwise, fringe the folded edge, and then roll it. Finish off each flower by securing the backside with a needle and thread.

I also created large white flowers with yellow centers. For these you first cutout petal shapes and sew them together, then cutout a square piece of felt and sew into your flower as the center. See images below.

The leaves are even easier to make. Just cutout your desired leaf shapes and glue directly onto the lampshade. To get some dimension, scrunch and manipulate the leaves as you glue them to the shade. Then adhere flowers over the leaves to hide unfinished edges. Brown yarn can then be glued down to represent twigs and vines.

Now get creative and fill your lampshade with all different kinds of flowers. It’s nice to use a mix of small and large, and create various groupings.

Here is the lamp before:

And here it is after:

This is the inspiration shade from Anthropologie:


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