Repurposed Cereal Boxes for Desk Organization


With a couple new jobs that came up I have been really busy recently, and I’ve found both my desk and Sydney’s desk getting messy and unorganized. As we finished up a couple of boxes of cereal this morning, I had an idea. I’ve been wanting to make desk organizers for awhile, and when better than now?!

Using an xacto and a straightedge, cut open your box.

Use a piece of cardboard to reinforce any flimsy sides.

Now spray paint the interior of the box.

Cover the exterior of the box. I used a woodgrain contact paper, but you can use any decorative paper or even paint.

And thats it! Repeat this with more boxes. I spray painted a coordinating jar to hold paintbrushes.

Now on to making a set for my  desk!

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2 thoughts on “Repurposed Cereal Boxes for Desk Organization

    • I know, metallic spray paints are so great, right?! I think I’m a little obsessed… I got all of them at Home Depot. They have an assortment of metallics, and even hammered and textural ones!

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