Pasta Hair Bows & Art


Today we have been painting pasta! It’s such an easy craft, I can’t believe I didn’t think of it sooner. The craft possibilities are endless. We made some hair clips and bows so far this morning. Next Sydney wants to make a picture, turning the pasta into butterflies!

Here is one of the clips we made:

Plain bow tie pasta:

Update, Sydney’s butterfly artwork:

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31 thoughts on “Pasta Hair Bows & Art

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  7. Has anyone tried painting the bows as desired, then use embossing powder on it. Heat with a heat gun to melt it. It would appear like metal and not break.

    • I made sure to use clips that do not require any bending, allowing the pasta to remain rigid. It worked well for us, and were really fun for my daughter to help make. Of course these are not meant to be clips that lost a long time. I hope that helps!

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  8. Such a cute idea….can’t wait to do a project with my P_k class….We always make butterflies at this time of year so this will be a different butterfly.

  9. Making tons of these for OSU games this weekend.. and also pasta garland. Maybe some pasta for dinner too. Your blog is helping me out during exam week especially 🙂

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  11. These are ridiculously ADORABLE!! I have a small business where i sell hair bows (for people and dogs – I’m a dog groomer), and i have never seen this before. Anywho, my question was – is there a way that you know of to preserve and harden the pasta? Like maybe a clear coat of somesort, maybe mod podge or something, im not sure. I have been experimenting with using Paper flowers as hair bows, but hardening them to a hard crisp with different things.
    Thank you!
    Owner of EarthMutts natural Pet Products & Flibbertigibbits’ Cute Stuff for Cute People

    • Hi Hannah! I we actually painted the pasta right out of the box, so the bows are already hard. Then they can be coated with poly or mod podge to protect the paint. As for making paper or fabric bows and hardening them, I would think you can use liquid starch to do that, but I have never tried it before so I’m not sure exactly how it’ll work. Good luck! And thanks for following my blog!

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