Not Your Mother’s Flowers : Making a Kid Friendly Flower Arrangement


This past weekend, we had our first Medieval Times experience. And it was fantastic! Sydney wore her Tangled dress, and referred to herself as Rapunzel all night, in third person of course. Our handsome knight galloped on his noble steed, and tossed flowers into the stands. Sydney not only caught a flower, but she also wooed a few fair maidens, and ended up coming home with their flowers as well. She was so proud of her bouquet, and wanted to have them in a pretty vase in her room. So, I came up with a kid friendly flower arrangement. First I wrapped the stems in paper towel, then put them into a bright colored vase. Added just a little water, and found a place for them next to her bed. Now, when she accidentally knocks the vase over, we don’t have to worry about a big wet mess!

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