Lunch Muffins, Getting Kids to Eat Veggies


We still struggle with Sydney and getting her to eat veggies. Chopping up some broccoli and sneaking it into her mac n’ cheese never fails, but I am always trying to come up new ideas. She never turns down muffins or cupcakes, so I decided to try and make some veggie muffin cups for lunch the other day. And it worked, she loved them! I just filled the muffin tins with dough; you can use puff pastry, crescent roll, or really any other kind of dough. I then filled them with a concoction of different veggies and added a couple eggs to hold it all together. Filled the cups, and popped them in the oven at 350 for about 15 mins. I have to admit, I quite liked them as well. They are super easy, and you can use whatever you can find in your fridge and cupboards. Get creative!

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11 thoughts on “Lunch Muffins, Getting Kids to Eat Veggies

  1. Looking up some new recipes for Ellie, and I remembered this post. She’s great with fruits and most veggies but not greens. Is that parchment paper you used to line your muffin tins? Going to give it a try!


    • Hi Rebecca!
      Yes, whenever I run out of liners I cut squares out of parchment and then use the bottom of a glass to shape it. Works perfect!
      And you’re lucky Ellie likes veggies. Syd is the fruit queen, and finally just now getting better with veggies. Surprisingly she loves kale!

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  3. Love this idea! They’re like mini quiche! I think my kids would gobble these up, especially if I topped them with some cheese. Thanks!

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