DIY Kids Terrarium Craft


Terrariums have become really popular recently, with classes being offered and lots of stores selling them. I wanted to try a kid version. It was a lot of fun to make, Syd loves it, and we use it to tell stories at night! Heres how we did it:

Start with a large clear jar, you can use an empty food container or buy one. You will also need an assortment of fake flowers and greens, floral foam, dry beans for the dirt and rocks, little critters to live in your fantasy land, and glow in the dark paint.

Add a few blocks of floral foam to the bottom of the jar.

Now add the beans, and plants.

Using the glow in the dark paint, paint your creatures and add random drops onto the beans and plants in your terrarium.

Now add your creatures, and enjoy!


We like to grab a flashlight, hop into bed and use the terrarium to make up bedtime stories!


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10 thoughts on “DIY Kids Terrarium Craft

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    • Great point, I have made real terrariums with my daughter, and will continue to do so. The idea here was that she could keep this one in her room and we didn’t have to worry about it. Of course we too like real plants better, but my daughter really enjoyed this project!

  2. i’ve been loving terrarium’s too – thinking of perhaps DIYing my own since the one i have my eyes on is a bit pricey…

    this looks great and such a fun addition to a kid’s room! love the glow in the dark aspect – such a wonderful idea.

    • I know, I have been wanting to take a local class to make one of my own, but I just can’t find the time! I may just have to get the supplies and DIY it as well, maybe a naptime project!

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