A Creative Way to Gift Wrap Money, Tickets, and More… Perfect for Father’s Day and Graduation Gifts!


This year for Father’s Day, Sydney and I got daddy a pair of tickets to see Radiohead. Since the show is in mid June, we had to give it to him early, so don’t worry no gift spoilers here!

Awhile ago, I saw a cool gift idea which was a helium balloon in a box. When the recipient opens the box, the balloon floats out, and the actual gift is attached to the end of a string. I loved this idea, and wanted to come up with something a little different, and more interactive.

I filled a balloon with homemade confetti, then rolled up the tickets, tied them with a string, and put them into the balloon. I found and reused an old box that would fit the balloon perfectly.

Next, I decorated the inside flap and wrote ‘Pop Me’ on it. I also used a piece of tape to  attach a pin on thread (for the popping of course).

My husband was so excited to pop the balloon and find out what was inside. And thank goodness, it worked out perfectly! Along with the pop, the confetti exploded into the box. It was so much  fun!

Now, I’m thinking this is the perfect way to give money for graduation gifts this summer! I am going to try a smaller version with water balloons and little boxes. I’ll post an update soon.

Do you have any creative ways to gift money? I’d love to hear them!

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28 thoughts on “A Creative Way to Gift Wrap Money, Tickets, and More… Perfect for Father’s Day and Graduation Gifts!

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  7. Where can you find this type of box? It is the perfect type of box to use! I have some great plans up my sleeve for Christmas using your idea :)

  8. I LOVE this! My fiance is obsessed with Pearl Jam. I’m surprising him with tickets at our rehearsal wedding dinner. I just have to wait until Sept 20 now! Thanks for the share : )

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  12. How do you get the rolled tickets/money into the balloon? (I know this is a daft question!) but I’ve bought my better half some Stone Roses tickets for Christmas and am trying to think of an inventive way to give them to him.

    • I rolled up the money tightly, then put it in the balloon while it was still deflated. The tickets were printed, so I also rolled them up, although they were a bit harder to keep tightly rolled, so I tied them tightly with a string. You could also try to use a funnel to get your rolled tickets inside, of course before inflating it. If the tickets cannot be rolled, you may want to roll up a little message announcing the gift, and then you can have the tickets separate. I hope it works out for you! Let me know if you have any more questions!

    • Hi Aidan,

      When my husband popped the balloon all the confetti did stay in the box. I had my daughter paint a sheet of white paper, and then we used a hole punch. The paint probably gave the confetti a little more weight and helped diminish static, which most likely caused it to stay in the box.

      Thanks for stopping by the blog, and be sure to come back again soon!

  13. My grandmar used to invent funny ways to give us grandkids money for christmas! One year she folded the notes and paper clipped them to a tiny christmas tree like decorations, another time she got a set of small paper mache boxes that stack into each other and taped a note to the inner lid of each one (kind of like pass the parcel!) until we reached the smallest box which was filled with lollies! I have also seen online tutorials for folding money into flowers!

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  16. Very creative. I might try it the next time I give money. Although I have this irrational fear that the money will blow up. Hopefully not!

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