Quick & Easy Olive Tapenade Recipe


Yesterday was certainly a fun and productive day, especially in the kitchen. We made a fun lunch, baked, and even played around with some homemade slime. I’ll be posting the slime recipe later this week! Any how, today I feel as if the craziness from the weekend is finally catching up with me. And, thinking about the weekend, I thought I’d share my go-to dish for entertaining at home or taking over to a friend’s party (which we did both of this weekend). Olive tapenade. I make sure to always have a can of black olives, a jar of green olives, and a little olive oil in our cupboard. These are the most basic ingredients, and I always start with this mixture, and then add to it. All you have to do is finely mince the olives, drizzle with a little evoo (in the words of Rachel Ray), and toss it. You could stop there, the olives have a strong enough flavor, that this is delicious just as it is. But you can also go a step or two further. Add some minced capers, fresh lemon juice, minced garlic, black pepper, maybe even some minced sun dried tomatoes. Yum! You can get creative, and add whatever you have on hand that sounds good. Just serve with some crackers, pita chips, rye chips, etc. Super quick, and barely any mess to make this dish!

What is your go-to recipe for get togethers?

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4 thoughts on “Quick & Easy Olive Tapenade Recipe

  1. Please keep in mind that tapenade MUST have capers. If it doesn’t, it cannot be called tapenade! FYI, the word tapenade comes from the Provençal word for capers: TAPENAS. It’s a Provençal dish, so please keep it as such. Btw, the traditional recipe also calls for anchovies, so it gives me the creeps when I find tapenade recipes “with no anchovies” out there…

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  3. Now that asparagus is in season, I’ve been loving prosciutto wrapped asparagus. I drop the trimmed asparagus in boiling water for 4 minutes, then shock in a bowl of ice water, so they stay pretty and bright green. Then I take 3 asparagus spears and roll a slice of prosciutto around the middle, then I drizzle with balsamic vinegar, olive oil, sprinkle with fleur de sel, and finish it off with a grating of parmesan cheese. They are quick, easy, and everyone loves it!

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