DIY Mason Jars with Chalkboard Labels


This weekend was crazy busy, but I managed to find some time for a rainy Sunday afternoon project. I have been stockpiling empty jars and containers, and it’s been driving my husband a little crazy. But, I finally pulled them out from hiding, and turned them into useful containers to keep our beans, rice, and grains nicely organized in our cupboards.

All it took was a little painters tape and some chalkboard paint. I would recommend chalkboard spray paint for this project, however I had a can of paint on hand so that’s what I used.

Just tape each jar or container as desired…

And paint away. I applied about 5-6 layers per jar. The first couple go on pretty thin, but don’t worry, with a few more layers you will get a nice solid, opaque label.

These jars are useful for all kinds of storage, whether in the kitchen or on the shelves of your craft room. And you can get creative with the label shapes and placement. Paint directly onto the front or sides of the jars, or utilize their bottoms and tops. Have fun with it!

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend! In addition to this project I also enjoyed flipping through The New York Times T Magazine Spring Design Issue. I am especially head over heels for designer Harriet Anstruther’s home! Her kitchen is especially exquisite, bright white adorned with gold, and touches of black. Classic, beautiful design. Check the issue out here.

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19 thoughts on “DIY Mason Jars with Chalkboard Labels

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    • Hi Brittney,
      I have not put my jars in the dishwasher, so I would only recommend a light hand washing with soap and water. Thanks for checking out my blog, glad you like these!

  3. How did you get such clean edges? I used painter’s tape for mine and pressed the tape edges down as well as I could, but once I was finished and removed the tape I could see that there are little splotches along most of the edges.

    • I just made sure to press down the painters tape really well, and then I painted the edges of the tape right away to create the best seal possible between the glass, paint, and tape. After several coats, I removed the tape and used an xacto to clean up a couple rough edges.
      I hope this helps!

      and thanks for following my blog!

  4. Are they good as far as washing goes? When one needs to be replaced with something else, dishwasher safe? Or no?

    • They are not dishwasher safe. I only store dry foods in them, like bean, lentils, rice, etc. And then I wash them by hand as necessary, scrubbing the inside and only rinsing the outside. I hope that helps, and thanks for stopping by my blog!

    • You can use chalkboard paint on almost anything! And while I was doing this project, I actually thought about a less permanent option. You could also paint tape, and then adhere it to your jar, or really any surface. Now you have a peel-and-stick chalkboard label!

  5. Great idea! I hate to toss all the great shaped glass jars I get. Now tell me, do you have any good recipes for those exotic lentils? I love a good lentil recipe!

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