DIY Insect Magnets


Happy Monday! After a cloudy, rainy weekend, it’s so nice to wake up to blue skies and sunshine. This morning I bring you a fun diy project, turning dollar store creepy crawly insects into pretty gold magnets. You can use any little creatures you can find. I chose to use the insects because they remind me of being a young girl and spending afternoons outside collecting rocks and catching bugs. Those cute little roly poly pill bugs were my fav. Now, I prefer the plastic kind. Take your creature of choice, and wipe them down with a little rubbing alcohol. Then, spray them a fun color, and glue a magnet to the back (try and adhere it to the flattest part you can find).

These little guys are fun, and add some personality to the fridge. Sydney loves them too, so I’ll have to make more so she can have her own family of creatures to play with!

Here are the insects before:

And here they are after:

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5 thoughts on “DIY Insect Magnets

  1. such a fabulous idea! i was planning on doing something similar soon but will definitely also be making some magnets now too! so much to spray paint – think i’ll need to stock up on more gold spray paint!

    lovely blog.

    • Thank you! I you can do so much with just a little paint. I try and always have a can of gold, black, and white spray paint on hand. You never know when you might need it!

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    • Thanks! As soon as i got them up on the refrigerator my daughter wanted them for her play section on the lower half of the fridge. We will certainly be making more!

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