Things I Loved This Week


Yay! It’s Friday! It’s icky and rainy outside, but that just means a cozy day indoors with soup and an afternoon full of crafts and make-believe! But before we get our craft on, here are some fun things I saw this week and wanted to share:

  1. Amazing wall decals from Blick. They have so many to choose from, and have even teamed up with Threadless to bring lots of personality and life to your walls. There are so many options!
  2. Kata Golda Hand-Stitched Toys and Albums. Head over to this week to check them out. Everything is adorable, and would make fantastic gifts.
  3. What a fantastic idea, wooden spoon puppets from Bedtime Tales on Etsy.
  4. These animal letter prints by are stunning, and I think we absolutely must own the S, but I’d love to have them all!
  5. This mushroom pouf from Anthropologie is a little pricey, but so much fun.
  6. One of these coat trees by Present Time would be perfect for Syd.
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One thought on “Things I Loved This Week

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