Step Stool Redo

As Syd gets older she is becoming more and more independent. And so it was time for her to have her own step stool in her bathroom. We found one at Goodwill and gave it a little facelift. With some wood cleaner, and old sweater, some felt, beads, and staples, it now has a new life.

First I took the top off and tossed the fabric and cushion. I purchased a foam block at the local craft store and cut it to size. Next I took an old sweater and cut a rectangle out of the back. I stretched the sweater material over the new cushion, and stapled into place. Now I cut a large piece of felt to fit the underside of the cushion, and stapled that into place. This helps give the underside a more finished feel. Now secure the cushion back onto the cleaned up wood frame. You can stop here, but I went a step further and added some felt flowers. I found a pattern for a large flower online, and I divided it up to make three different size flowers. Cut the shapes out of felt, layer the felt, and sew together. Then I finished off each flower with some beads. Secure flowers to the newly upholstered stool. Its a fun addition to Sydney’s bathroom!
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