Tuesday Tips : Selecting Paint Colors & The Paint In Our House

Recently, I’ve been getting a lot of questions regarding tips for selecting paint colors, and what paints we used in our home. So, that is today’s post.
When it comes to picking paint colors it is a process, and there are a lot of factors to consider.

First, take a good look at your room. What colors are currently in your room? Do you have wood trim? What is the finish or color of your flooring? What kind of lighting does the room get? (think about both natural and artificial.) All these elements will affect the way colors look in your space. A certain gray paint, for example, may look beautiful in a room with white trim and walnut floors. But it can look totally different in a room with oak floors and trims. The color of the oak will bring out different undertones in the gray that go unnoticed in the room with white wood work and more neutral flooring.

Now, look at the colors beyond your room. When you’re standing in the room or doorway, what do you see. All these elements in adjacent spaces need to work with your new paint color.

Do some research and gather inspiration images. Study these images and figure out what it is that you really like in each one. Just because you like a room with orange walls doesn’t mean you should paint your room orange. Maybe an orange headboard works better for your space, and accomplishes what you liked about the inspiration room. You may also be drawn to a picture of a kitchen with navy cabinets and american walnut floors. This can still be an idea for a bedroom, but instead you paint your walls navy and bring in the walnut with wood furniture.

Next, it’s time to run to the paint store and gather samples. Lots of samples. You need to get all these different colors into your room to compare with existing elements. A white is not just a white. White paint reacts with it’s surroundings and can change quite a bit once put side by side with other colors. This goes for all neutrals. Once you gather colors and compare them, you start to see their undertones coming out. They can start to look a little pinkish, green, blue, yellowish, etc.

Once you think you’ve found the right color swatch, move it all around the room. Tape it up in the middle or the wall and take a step back. Now tape it on the wall next to the trim, the floor, the ceiling, etc. Look at it next to furniture and fabrics.

This next step is optional. If you’re not 100% sure about the color you’ve chosen, get it up on the wall. You can go back to the paint store and grab several swatches and tape them up on the wall. Or, even better yet, you can grab a small color sample jar and paint a small portion of the wall.

Now that you feel confident in a color, go for it and paint! Don’t be afraid to take chances with your color selections. After all, it’s just paint and you can always paint over it. Don’t be afraid to go too dark or too light. Even a subtle cream color can make an impact in a room, and feel completely different from a stark white paint.

Our Paint Selections:
Our apartment has an open floorplan, and so it was very important all our paints worked together. Here is our color palette. Please just use this as an example or starting paint for your own house. Remember that these colors work for us in our place, but make look different in your own rooms. So don’t forget to look at samples in your own home.

Entryway / Hallway : Behr Ultra Intellectual
Living Room (main wall paint) : Behr Ultra Silver Sateen
Living Room (white accent on patterned wall) : Behr Ultra Silky White
Hallway Bathroom : Martha Stewart Living Precious Metals Kiwi Peel
Sydney’s Room : Behr Ultra Ashes
Master Bedroom : Behr Ultra English Channel
Master Bathroom : Behr Ultra Silky White & Martha Stewart Precious Metals Kiwi Peel (mirror wall)

Happy painting! And don’t forget to stop by Circle of Moms and vote for my blog! Today is the last day!! Thanks 🙂

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