Doily Garland

I originally made this garland for the winter holiday, but I liked it so much I left it up, even after putting all the other decorations away. Now with spring approaching and Easter around the corner, it seems even more appropriate to leave it up. So I thought I would share it with all of you. I found packages of white, silver, and gold doilies at a thrift shop for a dollar. You can also find them at your local craft store. Just thread the doilies onto some string or twine, and hang! Easy as pie. One little tip to threading the doilies, wrap the end of yarn/string with tape. Now you have a rigid end to weave through the small holes in the paper doilies. Happy Spring!

Rorschach Inspired Art

We had an old Ikea desk which was no longer in use, and just taking up space in a closet. We were ready to toss it in the dumpster, and then remembered how badly we needed art above our bed.  This was the perfect free canvas! (And I must  note, even if it wasn’t free, it cost way less than a new canvas anywhere near this size.) All we needed was a small can of semigloss white paint, a small of flat black paint, and an old shopping bag. Continue reading

A Sneak Peek Into My Etsy Shop

I have been thinking about starting my own Etsy shop for quite some time now. And I’m happy to say it’s finally in the works. I’ll be selling both vintage items and handmade dolls. All dolls are constructed from both new and recycled elements, and feature dresses made from vintage fabrics. I’ll post an update as soon as the shop is up and running! Continue reading

Fabric Bins, Keeping Sydney Organized


The latest addition to Sydney’s room, fun fabric bins. I found these basic fabric boxes for just $4.99 from Ikea. With some fabric scraps, contrasting thread, fabric glue, and a little creativity I personalized the boxes for our daughters room. It’s a fun way to store toys and stay organized. Sydney knows that baby dolls are in the ‘s’ box, dress up in the ‘y’, etc. I created stencils from paper before cutting the fabric. Then used a sewing machine to outline each letter with contrasting thread. Each letter was then adhered to the boxes with fabric glue.