DIY Dip Dye With Bleach

Last night I went a little crazy with some bleach and old clothes. I decided to dig into the goodwill bag and update some shirts and pants using bleach and the popular ombre technique. Here is what I came up with:To achieve the ombre effect all you need is bleach, water, and a bowl. I started by adding straight bleach to the bowl. Then put the very bottom of the garment into the bowl, this part will be the lightest. After it sits for a few min, add some hot water. Repeat this step again after a few more min. You can also start to move the shirt deeper into the bowl. Once you get the desired effect, remove the shirt and thoroughly rinse with water. Wash, and wear!

I also made a skirt for Syd using one of my old tshirts. I started off by giving it the dip dye look. Then I cut off the top half of the shirt. Next I cut out the waist band on an old pair of pants. Using this band, I created a waist band on the top of the old tshirt. Sew it up, and done. A new skirt!

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