Dear Jellybean

Hello! I hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend. So far Sydney has had an interesting day, she met the Easter Bunny at the park, and then a squirrel stole her M&Ms. I, on the other hand, am spending some time in front of the computer improving the site, and I will be putting up the Nice to Meet You and Services pages. As I get to working on those, I’d like to introduce you to a new section that I added with the recent blog move and name change. You will see Dear Jellybean in the menu bar at the top of my page. Continue reading

Things I Loved This Week


Yay! It’s Friday! It’s icky and rainy outside, but that just means a cozy day indoors with soup and an afternoon full of crafts and make-believe! But before we get our craft on, here are some fun things I saw this week and wanted to share: Continue reading

Spring Crafts: Egg Carton Bunnies and Chicks


Hope everyone is having a great afternoon, and getting excited for Easter. Sydney sure is! Today we worked on some crafts using cotton balls, an egg carton, googly eyes, craft paper, paints and markers. We came up with a cute little chick in a nest, a fluffy white bunny, and a chick that can open and close his mouth (Syd likes to feed that one). What Easter crafts have you been working on?

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Spring Centerpiece

Spring Centerpiece


Today I finally found some time to put together a spring centerpiece! I bought a small bunch for flowers, along with a thyme plant and mint. I love having something that is pretty to look at, and useful when it comes time to prepare dinner! Add some jars, glasses, and decorative items from around the house, and done! All for under $10. You can find a tutorial for the gold striped candles here.

Spring CenterpieceSpring CenterpieceSpring Centerpieces

Tuesday Tips : 100% Recycled Rubber Pavers


Living in the city, we are lucky to have an apartment with a couple balconies. However, it’s all metal with a grate bottom. Not the most comfortable thing to stand on, especially for small feet and little paws. We scoured the internet for a solution and came across rubber decking. Upon further searching , I finally discovered these recycled rubber pavers from Menards. At just $4.99 each, it’s a fairly cost effective solution for our balcony. We made more use of our balcony this past weekend than we did the whole first year living here. A quick fix just in time for the nice weather!

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DIY Painted Stool


I have been wanting to replicate the popular dipped furniture looks, such as this one. We had a stool that needed some personality, so it was the perfect opportunity to give it a shot. However, the stool was unfinished wood, so leaving any of it in its natural state wouldn’t work for us. I use the stool daily, so the unfinished wood is exposed to dirt and spills, which can soak in and become impossible to remove. Sydney also gets good use out of the stool, so it can take a bit of a beating. I ended up just using the dipped leg furniture trend as inspiration, and painted the entire stool. I started by spray painting the bottom portion of each leg and the top of each step with gold spray paint. Next, I taped off the areas I wanted to remain gold, and painted everything else white. We love the outcome, the stool has some personality and holds up well to daily use!

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Bringing New Life to an Old Lamp

We have a few high quality old brass lamps in our place. I love them, they are classic and can go with pretty much any style. When we first acquired this lamp, we gave it a fresh coat of glossy black paint which went well against the white walls in our last apartment. But, once it was moved to it’s new home in our current hallway, it got lost against the charcoal walls. I wanted it to be shiny and gold again, but finding that original metal underneath the black was not an option. I love gold spray paint, however it just wouldn’t look right on this lamp. It would be too similar to the original finish, but not quite there. So, I decided to go for another metallic spray paint finish. Continue reading

Things I Loved This Week


Happy Friday! As I am still new to blogging, and continuing to figure things out, I have decided to make Friday posts all about some great things I stumbled upon, saw, and/or bought earlier in the week. So here we go!

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A Day of St. Patty’s Day Fun

Today, we start the morning off with green shamrock pancakes. Very fitting for the day full of St. Patrick’s Day crafts we have planned! We are filling our tummies, then rolling up our sleeves and breaking out the glue sticks. Stay tuned and we will be posting projects throughout the day, for both little hands and big.

And don’t forget to head over to Circle of Moms and vote for me, 2 days left!

Recipe : Guinness Chocolate Sauce

I actually discovered this sauce while making Guinness cupcakes a couple months ago. I couldn’t help but sample as I baked, and when I tasted about halfway through I thought, ‘holy mackerel, this would be fantastic with vanilla bean ice cream!’ And so I experimented and tweaked it abit, and came up with a rich chocolate sauce laced with that bitter Guinness flavor I love so much. Perfect for St Patrick’s Day! Enjoy! Continue reading

DIY Dip Dye With Bleach

Last night I went a little crazy with some bleach and old clothes. I decided to dig into the goodwill bag and update some shirts and pants using bleach and the popular ombre technique. Here is what I came up with: Continue reading

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