Promoting Creativity


It can be hard for a two year old to remain patient while plastic and newspapers are taped to the dining room table in preparation for a painting session. Or while supplies are gathered for the afternoon craft. So I decided my daughter needed a creative space of her own. A place where she can sit down and have craft options ready to go. No preparation required. So now she has her own desk set up in our living room / dining room. And if I need to get a little work done at my desk during the day, she can do the same.

I think I resisted doing this for awhile because I didn’t like the idea of kids stuff and toys laying around shared spaces in a home. I wanted to keep the ‘messes’ contained. But now I love it. You just have to marry the two and make them work together. I pulled items from around the house to use at her workspace. These touches unite the kid stuff with the adult stuff. After all it is as much her space as it is ours.


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One thought on “Promoting Creativity

  1. Oh, I know exactly what you mean. Sometimes, I just cannot get the newspaper taped up fast enough to the table, and by the time she sits there, she doesn't want to draw anymore. I need a space like this for her too.

    I too tried to keep all her toys contained to one part of the house, but after a while it just became easier for her to be where I could keep an eye on her, so she has a corner of the living room to play and read in.

    Really enjoying reading your blog. A lovely find.

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