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This project is easy to do, and the end product is a beautiful and stylish bulletin board. Enjoy!
You will need: Perforated Metal Screen, Homasote Board, Paint, Screws, Drywall Anchors, Straight Edge, Utility Knife, and a Drill.
1. I found a 3’x3′ perforated metal screen, and I let this dictate the overall size of my board. Now measure and cut the homasote with a straight edge and utility knife to match the screen size. Be patient. You will have to make quite a few passes with the utility knife in order to cut through the fiberboard material.
2. Paint the top surface and all four edges of the homasote and allow to dry completely.
3. Place the screen on top of the homasote and mark a hole location in each corner. This is where the screws will go. In addition, put a piece of tape or marker on the screen to remember where these screws will go.
4. Position the screen on the wall and mark the coordinating holes. It’s easiest to use the screen as a guide for the wall holes since it’s light weight and easy to hold. You can even tape it on the wall and take a step back to make sure you get the right position.
5. Using the drill bit that corresponds with your screws and anchors, drill your four holes into both the wall and the homasote. Insert anchors.
6. You will now need a second set of hands. Align the screen and the homasote with the corresponding holes in the wall, and secure with screws.
7. Now pin away!

I used this perforated metal screen and you can find homasote at your local hardware superstore. If you have a hard time locating some, check out this site.
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